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Sound Dampening Material - 4 Square Feet - Ballistic Mtr Sswedge

Sound Dampening Material5 Star Rating
Sound Dampening Material
You Can Expect To Rock Out With The Sound Dampening Material

Do you wish to pick a sound dampener? Have a look at the Sound Dampening Material a great item made by Ballistic. UPC# 666672829020. The auto sound dampener weighs approximately 3.75 lbs. Shopping for the Sound Dampening Material. To purchase the product now at the best price, visit the market button on this page.

sound dampening material square ballistic sswedge

Publisher: Ballistic
UPC: 666672829020

Product Description

Sound Dampening Material - 4 square feet - Ballistic MTR SSWEDGEBALLISTIC Sound Dampening material is an elastomeric butyl and aluminum layered vibration dampener that conforms and fuses effortlessly to sheet metal and other challenging surfaces. (18"x 32 ") of butyl sound dampening material Increases bass output and enhances speaker quality Eliminates speaker distortion, road noise, and rattle Can also be employed for doors, trunks, trunk lids, interior panels, floorboards, etc Three-step easy installation Chemical resistant to water and mineral oil Adhesive peel strength: minimal 43 lbs/in on cold steel Temperature range: 14-140 degrees farenheit Thickness: 2. 083 ") Sound Dampening Material - 4 square feet - Ballistic MTR SSWEDGE 1mm (0. FEATURES: 4 sq. BALLISTIC is the ideal product in generating an acoustical barrier between unwanted external noise and vibrations and your desired inter cabinet acoustics. ft.

  • Units: 1
  • Product Weight: 3.75 lbs.

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